When we consider password defense, we think about checking accounts, computer systems, and even voice mail phone systems.

Our kids are similarly priceless to us as well and require our security. Just how do we secure them?

When my youngsters were little we developed a password or code word that just they and also I recognized. We picked a word extremely acquainted to them, something they can keep in mind, yet not something quickly presumed by an outsider.

In the cars and truck, we would certainly role play lots of circumstances that could occur as well as just how my youngsters can react. It was extremely essential that if any individual aside from I was going to pick them up at school or from a sporting activities that, he or she has to understand our password system.

If the individual did not recognize the password, after that my kids were not to get into their cars and truck under any type of conditions. Their mom, their dad, as well as their grand parents understood their password and also usually reviewed it with them.

Our system functioned well, due to the fact that one day after her brownie conference, a close friend of mine agreed to drive my child home, recognizing I was at home not really feeling well. My child asked this grown-up lady if she understood the password.

I have actually never ever been even more happy with this extremely valuable little woman.

Again, if the individual did not recognize the password, after that my kids were not to get in their vehicle under any type of conditions. Have a system, put it in place.

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